Lighting design can do wonders to make spaces feel more open and welcoming. Still, even the best lighting technology is no replacement for the splendor of natural sunlight. The use of glass for a double height room helps in bringing a lot of natural light into the room. The unique furniture and beautiful furnishings also […]


The stylistic idea of this project consists of integrating nature into urban space. Using natural textures, such as wood, stone and also plants helped in bringing our idea to life and added a whole new experience for the users of this space. Proper Space utilization is the key to good designs. Hence, a maximum utilization […]


The world that we live in shapes our tolerance of colors, and so it is no surprise that blue and white seems like a combination made in color palette heaven to the human eye. Pops of brown through the use of wooden shelves and wooden pane increase the effect.The world that we live in shapes […]